Who is this bloke?

Hi, I’m Dave Salmon. I began fulltime work in the Australian media in 1982. Yes, that makes me old. I have two beautiful daughters. From time to time, I’ll fill you in on how they’re going. Wish me luck.

My Mum and Dad used to listen to the daily double at the kitchen table every Saturday. I fell in love with racing as a teenager, and we’ve been bickering partners ever since.  I am a small time owner and punter who lives in hope.

So, here’s the deal. On a normal week, you’ll see two posts.

Tuesday is lifestyle day. Those ramblings could include anything from how I’m coping as a Dad, to memories of simpler times in childhood. Definitely no home improvement tips.

Saturday is all about racing. Stories from the track, as well as old tales of the turf and the odd tip.

All hopefully done with a dash of humour. I’m sure you’ll be the judge of that.

You can also follow me on Twitter .. @salmo22

Welcome aboard.

6 Responses to Who is this bloke?

  1. Rob Heathcote says:

    Brilliant mate.

    Keep it up and anytime you want a chat or need some background stuff just give me a yell. Cheers. Rob

    • Karen Carr says:

      Awesome Salmo, thoroughbred ly enjoyed it 🙂 i know my comment is a little lame 🙂 however your post is great and that is the mane thing.

  2. Mick Jacobs says:

    Well written and so very true mate. Pitty your not as good a punter as a journo.

  3. John Atkins says:

    All the best. Racing thrives on its stayers!


  4. Mandy says:

    G’Day Dave,
    I’ve got a question for you. Could you email me at: greentangles AT hotmail DOTcom?

  5. roba says:

    Love the banter, love the racing. All the best for 2014 been a tough year so far.

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