An important message for Hold All Tickets racing readers. All four of you.

As a dedicated and valued reader of Hold All Tickets, you’ll be fully aware of how things work around here.

Tuesday is fun day. A laugh at life. Usually at my expense. Sometimes involving a bloke’s bumbling efforts at being a dad.

Up until now, Friday has been racing day. For punters, and those who share a love of the track. Hard luck stories. Maybe even a tip. Followed by the foolish and the brave.

Well, not any more. Friday, that is. Because Friday has become Saturday.

That’s right. You’ll now find the Hold All Tickets racing blurb ready to go each and every Saturday morning. Just in time to ignore when you sit down to do the form.

The shift comes after extensive research. If you call a drunken conversation at the Ipswich races research.

There’ll still be tales of woe, and ramblings from fun days at the track many moons ago. The odd colourful character. And a crook tip or too.

So, that’s the deal. Something to add to your reading list to start the weekend.

Tuesday is still Tuesday. Confused? Welcome to my life.

Of course, if this routine change has you worried that you’ll be missing out on what the cool kids are talking about, you can always subscribe, for FREE.

Have a look for the ‘Sign Me Up’ box on the Hold All Tickets home page. Whack your e-mail address in. And you’ll never miss these dribblings again. What a gift for that special someone.

You might also be reading via Facebook or Twitter. Even the Yahoo 7 website. That’s right. There’s no escape.

So, that’s the important message. OK, it wasn’t that important.

At least you have no excuse to miss tomorrow’s masterpiece. And I have one whole extra day to work out what it is.

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