Finally, a sure thing on the Gold Coast. Take a tip from the master of the Magic Millions.

It’s not often I put my tipster’s hat on.

No need to. There are plenty out there already. Tipsters, not hats. They put the hours in. Do the videos. Still, it should be said that not many are driving Porsches.

Regular readers of this page know full well the awful luck I attract. Especially in big races. Very early on, I accepted the title of the World’s Worst Punter. Nothing much has changed.

Except this weekend. At Magic Millions time, I become an expert. Self-proclaimed, admittedly. But with dazzling form on the board.

I don’t know why, but my strike rate in the January classic is top-notch. Looking for modesty here? Move along. This is a rare chance to gloat.

It started on this day, fifteen years ago. I was back after a few years up north, and itching to return to the fun of the Gold Coast track.

The great Mick Dittman urged General Nediym home, and so began my one and only winning streak.

Two years later, I was on Testa Rossa. Winner. Then Gai won consecutive years with Assertive Lad and Excellerator. Keep them coming.

I missed Lovely Jubly, but made up for it in 2003 with Regimental Gal. I’ve written about the excitement of that day before. What a win.

It started another triple treat. Chris Munce did the right thing on Dance Hero, and then Bradbury’s Luck saluted in the 2005 classic.

Back to reality the following year, but I was on Mimi Lebrock in 2007.

Before I go on, let’s check the scoreboard. Are you keeping up? I think that’s eight winners in eleven years. Hold any applause until later.

Two lean years followed, until the local star Military Rose took us back to the winner’s circle in 2010.

I was overseas last year and missed Karuta Queen, and to be honest, I wasn’t a fan.

So there we have it. Impressed? You should be. This, from someone who can go weeks without going close to a decent winner. Months, if you want to be brutally honest. My one weekend of the year to boast. Live with it.

Yes, plenty were favourites. Just remember, you won’t go broke backing those that cross the line first.

I hear pleas for help. For those scribbling notes, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

Long shots rarely get sighted. The exposed form is usually spot on. Our winner will come from the first few in the market.

They need to be on the pace, or not far off. No chance if they get too far back on this Gold Coast track.

Barriers are vital. The babies need to be close to the fence. Did I hear a yawn? Ok, I admit, nothing ground-breaking so far.

The one thing I get excited about, is finding a fancy that’s already run the trip. And impressed. If they’ve clocked a strong 1200 metres, double your bet.

After all that chest-thumping, I’m now going to tip you the short-priced favourite. Gai will add another trophy to the mantlepiece. Her filly Driefontein will win easily. Ticks for all of the above. Especially winning at the distance.

Before you start the slow hand-clapping, I’ll throw up a bonus. With sweaty palms, here’s the winner of the 3-year-old classic as well.

Now, this is a much tougher affair. And my track record here is non-existent. But I shall lead with my chin, and tip Easy Running.

Brisbane’s best jockey Damian Browne is overdue for a big win. The horse was super impressive winning at Eagle Farm a while back, only to lose on protest. Painful, expensive, bloody protest. Yes, he owes me big time.

So there we have it. The double. Two winners for the price of one. The more you put on the more you get back.

I hope my lucky streak continues. Surely it’s not too much to ask. To shed the unlucky tag, for just one weekend. I accept I won’t be driving a Porsche home. Just as long as I’m not walking.

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