Punters, cop an eyeful of this. You won’t see a better sort today.

I’ll be having a decent perv at the track today, that’s for sure.

Eyes for one, and one only. A leggy, athletic type. And I won’t be the only one.

Atlantic Jewel is a good sort in anyone’s lingo. How could you not be impressed?

So strong. Such a presence. They’ll be flocking around her.

In some ways, she’s crept up on us. Strange, for a superstar who hasn’t tasted defeat yet.

We knew she was good. Dazzled us this time last year. But she’s now in rare air.

The good judges are comparing her with You Know Who. The Mighty Mare. And this is where it gets a little uncomfortable.

When Black Caviar just kept winning, I didn’t think there would be another. I couldn’t imagine being so involved again. Especially so quickly.

But while BC is making wonder babies, Atlantic Jewel is crushing rivals in exactly the same way. They can’t get near her.

Sure, there have been others. I lost my heart to Makybe Diva. When she won the third Cup, I felt like carving our names into the nearest tree.

Truth be told, and this must not go further than these pages, my first love was from the other team. As a young impressionable bloke, how could you not fall for Gunsynd? And I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about Super Impose rattling home to win the Epsom, on the odd lonely night.

So where does this latest Super Sort rate? For my money, today is the big test. This is a crackerjack field in the Underwood.

She will have to be every bit the champion she’s being labelled to win it. Bossy has a huge wrap on Puissance de Lane. And I keep thinking of those slashing wins by It’s a Dundeel last campaign.

Listen to Michael Rodd, and none of that matters. She could be the best we’ve seen. How fickle does that sound, just months after my former flame smashed every record we had?

What a race it will be. And I’m loving the fact that it’s the final event on the card at Caulfield. Finally, some smart programming.

Can she make it ten from ten? Probably. The thing is, it’s no beauty contest out there.

We’ll be cheering, and whistling. Only the best sorts attract such fanfare. Get ready to roar. Racing has a new Queen.

One Response to Punters, cop an eyeful of this. You won’t see a better sort today.

  1. Mandy says:

    What a race it was. The amazing mare just going down to a nuggety streetfighter. As much as I loved Black Caviar I will always have a nagging doubt that she did not beat top quality opposition. With Atlantic Jewel she is already staring down the best and it took a special horse to beat her. The spring has suddenly become more interesting – don’t expect It’s a Dundeel to beat her on every outing.

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